For one and more contacts on a local PC or all devices

Delete Skype History Standard Edition

Delete Skype history locally on your computer


Delete Skype History Standard Edition:

  • The program removes history on a local computer only;
  • Call and file transfer history will be also deleted;
  • History could be deleted for single contact;
  • Deleted Skype history will never come back again;
  • It is 100% safe, you can backup your Skype history;
  • Only you will be able to restore deleted messages;
  • You can delete history right now for free of charge.

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Use Delete Skype Account application to erase all private information and instant messages permanently forever

Use the software when:

  • You want to be confident your communications won’t be disclosed by others;
  • You chat in Internet café or coffee shops and don’t want system administrator or other visitors to read your private conversations;
  • You don’t want your sysadmin, colleagues, or boss to eavesdrop on your private conversations with friends and family on your office computer;
  • You don’t want your family or friends to read your business communications on your home computer;
  • You don’t want your secret are disclosed to anyone unauthorized.

Are your chats secured in Skype™ app? Can your family, friends, colleagues, admins etc. have physical access to your computers? They can get info about your private or business conversations, contacts and even read your chats.

We use Skype™ at home and work, in smartphones and smart TV, on personal and shared computers, in private and public places like meeting rooms and Internet-café. Your private life can be traced by your computer records like Skype communication history. Privacy surveillance should not be underestimated in any reason.

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Delete Skype History Standard Edition v2.1.8

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Of course, your messages can contain important information and you would like to keep it in Skype for quick access. But should that information be available on all computers where you signed-in to your Skype account? Use Delete Skype History Standard Edition for clear Skype history incl. chat messages, file transfer and call logs, on single computer and keep important information on protected devices.

Delete Skype History Standard Edition program solves the problem of the invasion of your privacy and clears your Skype footprint on work or public computers.

May, 2, 2014. Delete Skype History Standard Edition v2.1.8 is released. See release history for details. Free update for previous versions.

Application screenshots:

Delete Skype History Standard Edition allows you to select one or more contacts and delete conversation history with them for your quiet.

Delete Skype History Standard Edition can create Skype history backups and restore any of them for your convenience.

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