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(English) How to delete Skype chat messages on iPhone and iPad

Delete your chat messages from all devices including iPhone and iPad

Today you have the freedom to choose on which device you want to chat in Skype. You can start chatting on iPad at your kitchen and continue it on iPhone while commuting to office. You have this possibility because your Skype chat history will be synchronized across all your devices such as iPhone, iPad Air, even MacBook whenever you sign in with the same Skype account. On the one hand it’s the ability to be always aware, but on the other hand – what about your privacy? How many devices do you use to live your chat life in Skype?

Imagine the situation when you’re chatting in Skype on iPhone with friends to organize a surprise for your sweetheart. At the same time all your instant chat messages are being synchronized with your iPad at home and could be read involuntarily. And your surprise will be failed at once.

Typos and wrong recipients in emails are not exceptional, but chatting gives us more freedom and possibility to make such mistakes. Frankly speaking, on touch screens we slip and blunder even more often.

For the purpose of protection your privacy and possibility to correct your mistakes Delete Skype History Network Edition program could be helpful and even indispensable for you.

Although the program works for Microsoft Windows© it edits and deletes Skype chat messages with a selected contact everywhere – and on your iOS devices. It takes only 3 steps to make it works and meets your goals:

  1. Download the program for your Windows PC and sign in with your Skype account.
  2. Select and delete a conversation or an individual message with one particular contact or a group of contacts.
  3. Instant chat messages, even old, will be removed on your chat partner’s side as well as on yours.

As a result, all your changes will be automatically synchronized from Windows to your iPhone, iPad as well as iOS and Android devices of your chat partners. 

So now you can feel free while typing on yours iPhone or iPad touch screens and don’t be afraid of making mistakes because with Delete Skype History Network Edition program you have no limitation in time to modify and delete instant Skype chat messages.

P.S. And don’t worry about disclosure of the surprise for your sweetheart. The program will protect your privacy