For one and more contacts on a local PC or all devices

(English) How to delete messages on Skype for one contact

Delete Skype chat messages for only 1 contact

How to delete Skype messages in my private or business chat history? - we asks ourselves while chatting at work, public, or shared computers.

Skype™ is so popular in private life and work that we often send sensitive private and business messages to our colleagues, peers, mates, friends, family, and relatives.

We feel exposed thinking that Skype keeps all that sensitive information in its chat history at Windows and Mac OS computers, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone smartphones, iPad and other tabs, even at smart TV.

Skype™ application allows you to clear all history at once. Just open Options window from Tools menu. In the section Privacy select Privacy Settings and press « Clear history » button.

But what if you want to keep Skype conversations with some friends and colleagues? Wouldn’t it look strange for your peers and friends if you Skype history is always empty?


Delete Skype History Standard Edition logo

Delete Skype History Standard Edition v2.1.8

EXE installer
(6 MB)

Delete Skype History Standard Edition application can:

  • Delete Skype messages for one or more contacts you have selected
  • Delete all Skype messages for all your contacts
  • Filter messages before deleting – last hour, today, last week, last month or any custom period of time
  • Backup all Skype history before deleting
  • Restore Skype history from a backup
  • Work with multiple Skype accounts if you logged-in at shared computers or use many accounts for different purposes


Delete Skype History Standard Edition is compatible with Skype™ for Windows desktop and Skype™ as Windows 8 Store application.

Delete Skype History Standard Edition application doesn’t change information of your contacts.

Delete Skype History Standard Edition is easy. You can request a new feature or leave a feedback just from the application.

Application screenshots:

Delete Skype History Standard Edition is not in any way affiliated with or endorsed by Skype™.

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