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(English) F.A.Q. - Delete Skype History Network Edition

General FAQs about using Delete Skype History Network Edition program 

Can I use the Trial version for free?

Does the program work on mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android) and other operative systems like Mac OS and Linux?

The program doesn't show any my messages. How to use the program properly?

I don't see any messages on second screen. The program keeps telling me that I have to select at least one message.

I selected 'no history' in Skype on Windows. How to clear Skype history on other devices?

Can I clear Skype history on my own devices and don't touch message copies in other chat members?

Can I clear all messages at once without selecting them one by one or by date?

Why I can't modify all messages but mine only?

I miss some feature in the program. May I ask to add it in the ne0xt release?

Who developed the program? What's a company name and their web-site?