For one and more contacts on a local PC or all devices

Guidelines - Delete Skype History Network Edition

Guidelines - Delete Skype History Network Edition

Remove/edit individual and group messages

Bulk edit or remove Skype messages

Remove all messages for selected contacts

Restore original Skype messages from a backup

Delete Skype History Network Edition uses Microsoft .Net Framework which is shipped with any version of Microsoft Windows starting from XP Service Pack 3. While installation process Delete Skype History checks out Microsoft .Net Framework version and if missed proposes to download the framework from Microsoft web-site.

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Client Profile Online Installer

Delete Skype History Network Edition works well with higher versions of .Net Frameworks incl. v4 and v4.5 

Although Delete Skype History Network Edition requires Microsoft Windows, all your changes in chat messages will be automatically spread on all devices where you’re signed-in to Skype as well as devices of your chat partners.

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