For one and more contacts on a local PC or all devices


Standard Edition

Works with local copies of Skype history stored on your computer and doesn't affect histories on other devices

Delete chat messages and calls on one PC:

  • On your computer only;
  • For a single selected contact;
  • Chat messages, calls, file transfers;
  • Sent by you and your chat partners;
  • Sent in one-to-one chats;
  • Sent in group conversations

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Network Edition

Edits or removes Skype chat messages and conversations on all devices where they were delivered before

Edit or delete Skype messages everywhere:

  • On both sides of chat partners;
  • Already received by your contacts;
  • Sent in one-to-one chats;
  • Sent in group conversations;
  • Edit messages texts older than 1 hour;
  • Clear permanently on Skype cloud

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I used the app for deleting the entire log of my messages going back 3 years on my communications with a former employee. I deleted all my communications on his end in complete bulk from day one. All this was done without individual message deletion. Thanks a lotKevin Wiley, Melbourne, Australia

It was very sensitive messages I wrote in a very bad mood and wanted no more be read by the person a day after the bad mood went away. With your app I've deleted messages before they were read by my chat partner. Thank you for an excellent toolMichael Dalton, Berlin, Germany

Thanks God for this app because I sent my invoice link on accident and got to delete it from both chat partner’s sideEdris Lambert, California, US