Delete Skype messages on all devices permanently

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Delete Skype History Network Edition:

Yes, the program removes messages from Skype cloud
Yes, messages will be deleted also in your chat partners
Yes, application deletes already received messages
Yes, chat messages will be deleted permanently
Yes, it is 100% safe, you can backup your Skype history
Yes, only you will be able to restore deleted messages
Yes, you can delete history right now for free of charge

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Use the software when:

  • You want to revert messages you have sent in bad mood or to wrong recipient
  • You want to erase communication history with a former employee or ex-partner everywhere permanently
  • You chat in Skype on many devices but want to conceal your private or business communications at home or office
  • You occasionally sign-in to Skype on public computers, e.g., in airports, coffee shops, and don’t want leave your conversation history there
  • You regularly use Skype on shared computers, e.g., in meeting rooms, and don’t want your coworkers to invade your privacy
  • You don’t want your secrets or gift surprises to be disclosed to anyone unauthorized

Your Skype messages are stored on Skype servers for 30 days and synchronized with all PCs and mobile devices where you sign-in, and also in your chat partners. Sometimes we need to sign-in on friend's computers or in public places. Do you know all that tricky steps how to clear history on all Skype programs on all operating systems, iOS, iPhone, iPad, Mac OS, Android, Linux, Windows - everywhere where Skype™ works?

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Although the original Skype™ program give you 1 hour to edit or remove your messages after sending, Delete Skype History Network Edition does not have such limitations and allows you to do with your Skype history what you want and whenever you want - even with very old messages sent yesterday, weeks and years ago - affecting your and your chat partners' devices.

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Have you left or lost your device somewhere? You can delete your Skype messages there, even if you don't have access to it. Delete Skype History Network Edition gives you a chance to delete your messages remotely. Magic? No! Just try!

What about human mistakes? Do you always chat in Skype™ accurately? Important information sent to a wrong contact, or for some reasons a person shouldn't have some info any more (e.g., a former employee, ex-partner). How often would you like to get back messages you already sent?

Find answers to more specific questions in F.A.Q.


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Delete Skype History Network Edition v1.2.1

EXE installer
(7.5 MB)

October, 30, 2014. Delete Skype History Network Edition v1.2.1 is released. See release history for details. Free update for previous versions.

Application screenshots:

Delete Skype History Network Edition allows you to select conversations, filter messages by time and chat partner's name, and edit or remove one-to-one or group messages for your quiet.

Delete Skype History Network Edition can create Skype history backups and restore any of them for your convenience.

Delete Skype History Network Edition is not in any way affiliated with or endorsed by Skype™.

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