Delete Skype History - Product Page

Standard Edition

Works with local copies of Skype history stored on your computer and doesn't affect histories on other devices.

Delete chat messages and calls on one PC:

Delete Skype History Standard Edition logo

  • On your computer only
  • For single selected contact
  • Chat messages, calls, file transfers
  • Sent by you and your chat partners
  • Sent in one-to-one chats
  • Sent in group conversations
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Network Edition

Edits or removes Skype chat messages and conversations on all devices where they were delivered before.

Edit or delete Skype messages everywhere:

Delete Skype History Network Edition logo

  • On both sides of chat partners
  • Already received by your contacts
  • Sent in one-to-one chats
  • Sent in group conversations
  • Delete or edit message texts
  • Clear permanently on Skype cloud
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